Fire Safety And Security

We are the leading Fire Protection, Engineering, Supply, and service Company offering a “one-stop shop” for client’s system solutions and equipment needs. We provide a full range of portable firefighting equipment.

Our Systems & Services:

A system of sensors and associated interconnected equipment which detects the presence of fire and provides a warning signal.

Authorized Brand: Mavili (Turkey)

Carbon dioxide gives fast, safe and effective protection for the fire involving effective protection for the ire involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids. CO2 has recognized for its non-liquid, nondamaging, highly effective performance in today’s office environment and cleanliness. They are generally suited for indoor use, making them ideal for.

Brand: Firex

Brand: Firex/Naffco

 Brand: Naffco   


  • Analogue & Digital PA systems.
  • Ceiling, Wall mountable, Horn, Box type Speakers.
  • Paging System, BGM system.
  • Conference system.

  • Access Control Systems Increase Security. 
  • The System is Customizable.
  • Access Control Systems with Remote Access.
  • All reports could be extracted using Historic data.
  • Biometric (Fingerprint /Palm/Face Recognition) & Proximity system can be used. 
  • User-friendly Time & Attendance Software.

  • Fire Blankets
  • Half Yearly Service and Maintenance
  • Supply and On-site Installation 
  • Accessories and Repair parts supply

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels and Industrial Kitchens
  • Full accessories – Supply and Installations
  • Emergency Call Services
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Annual Maintenance Service

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Residential / Commercial buildings / Workshops
  • Regular or Emergency Call Attendance
  • On-site Maintenance or Servicing

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